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I have a few questions for you, please take the time to think and ask yourself!
Did you come here to check me out, let me check you out?

  1. Do you have any dog concerns, what?
  2. What is life like, whatís the thinking of a group of dogs in nature, what motivates them?
  3. What is a pack , who is in it and who is not, and is a pack leader?
  4. Does pack mentality really matter at all to your domesticated dog?
  5. What does it mean to give direction to your dog?
  6. Does your dog live in the house, how much each day, or is he a kennel dog, what does that mean, describe?
  7. Does your dog run free in the house, does what he wants when he wants, eat all day anytime he wants?
  8. What are your dogs rules, limits, boundaries, have you defined them, does he know?

    • Where does your dog sleep?
    • What is his den his real home?
    • What is place training?

  9. Email your name, phone number and answers to damabusiness@yahoo.com

I have titled and can provide and teach you and your dogs AKC, Schutzhund, Estate training , Guard Dog training, (Includes Tracking, Obedience, and numerous Protection training routines) as well as boarding of dogs for training, behavior corrections, exercising, vacation or otherwise.

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Corrective behaviors, Correcting Dog household Problems; Let us show you how to become the pack leader again! How to develop real communication, a real bond, get real control, ease anxiety! How to move, what to say, how to correct, lead, give clear direction to the dogs! Trashing the house, garbage, what it means, there is communication youíve missed! Excessive Barking, when, why, what does it mean, then how to correct? Barking at dogs the neighbors, skaters, skate boarders, bicylers passing bye, how to correct? Growling, who at, how is he growling and what does that mean, then how to correct? Jumping, why what does that mean, then how to correct? Biting, aggressiveness, real aggression! What kind of biting, why, what does it mean, then how to correct? Sliming, chewing, gnawing everything in sight, what does it mean, then how to correct! Confusion anxiety, examples (looking quickly side to side, overhead ready to flinch or run, crouching and running as if escaping).Anxious, high anxiety, examples (Turning circles, chewing tail, flipping, wonít sit still or relax easily). Many others

Dogs are not people or children! Love doesnít = respect, or rank of pecking order in the animal world! No matter how much we want them to be, no matter how much we see them that way! They may have needs your not meeting. Love does not equal respect, control and obedience. Showing them emotion and love and seeing that returned by them does not mean you are respected as their pack leader! We see their intelligence, child like reasoning, personality, responses, how they relate to us and read those human traits into them. You can still pretend they are human if you remember they are not; and answer their wild needs, if their drives are expressed and utilized. Know they are a pack animal, Learn what that means. They are meant to be hunters, they have egos and constantly aware and try to establish a pecking order. There is a wildness and nature that needs to be expressed and fulfilled. Whether you are alone or with a family, have one dog or ten you all are a group or pack. Dogs must be given firm clear consistent direction from you and all humans in your group or there is confusion and the constant testing of rank in the pecking order amongst the dogs may be deemed by one or more of them to be above one or more of the humans. You are likely raising them as a human ( pet ) in a house, providing their food, every need, without opportunities to roam and mate at will is not natural to them. They have drives and behaviors designed into them to do those things for them selves. Confining them in a house most of their life, or worse to a room or chained to the same confined area day after day is like prison and tends to create anxiety and narotic behaviors. Dogs need to be controlled, given direction, praise, given daily interaction with yourself and others, space and time to roam, to play and to feel useful, athletic and talented. This means walking and a roaming mode several times a week, (with a group of two, three or more if possible). There should be a daily job/ work/ workout; (daily progressive training), (at least three or more days a week) then some play time; (ball/ toy time), and then a run or weighted walk till signs of being tired before putting the dog away and letting him eat, drink and finally sleep! As human you should be the boss, the pack leader that sets the pace and life style. If not the dog tries follow the lead you show, if none at all, he tries to follow his own lead, uncertain and experimenting! [That is a red flag for trouble]! His dog nature and drives guide him, but with out example and control of a pack, a mother/ father from a natural environment to guide, no natural guidance at all, no consequences, no controls, without knowing how, no reference, (except the humans)! Without a dog pack and in a human world the dogs often end up expressing his drives with some narotic behaviors we donít like, and canít allow! Which leads to us isolating the dog further, separating, spending less time around the dog! This only increases the problems till you feel like disposing of the dog, no longer like him, or care to be around the dog/ dogs! Donít allow this type of tragedy! It happens to so many all the time. It does not have to be that way. Itís easily avoided, by learning to understand your nature and your dogs nature and fulfilling that. It has rewards you, your family and your dog will love, and causes a communication and bond between you all that you canít believe you were missing ! Problem solving after bad habits have been formed and reinforced and especially if the Dog is matured (three years and above) it can be hard or next to impossible to fix at times. So I will not make Guaranteeís in solving narotic bad habits! But most often any can be solved over time by starting a training regiment and trying different methods specific to those problems. A week or two of boarding and training with us is not enough time to correct problems occurring from years without proper direction and training. Continued training as directed must done by owner/ handler and family supported as well as recommended changes in life style are a must if any changes are expected to last!

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